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No Shapes file, only i3d

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Created30.11.2014 03:31

Chris Hunt (Unknown) 30.11.2014 03:34
So I'm running GE 6.0.2 and Blender 2.72, I have installed the exporter plug in from GDN and checked the box under game engines. I can export the i3d just fine, but I'm no longer getting the corresponding Shapes file to go with it. No errors when exporting, and GE onpens the i3d just fine, but it doesn't show up in the game. Any ideas?

David Zadnik (DzInLa) 03.12.2014 18:19
After you open the file with GE, save it. The GE program creates the shapes file.

Chris Hunt (Unknown) 21.01.2015 03:06
Not having any luck with that...

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