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Created27.05.2015 18:13

Mirko C. (Unknown) 27.05.2015 18:19
Help me!
Open blender install addons preferences, I can not find the file to export i3d size giant's why?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 28.05.2015 08:08

the video tutorials (for fs15) contain a chapter about the i3d tools for blender.


Mirko C. (Unknown) 29.05.2015 13:39
I installed it on blender, 2.71 (already installed previously the exporter 5.0.1) but now the new and the old work I have tried in different ways but it doesn't work just export i3D format something by mistake blender on some line of commando.

(I do not know how to set a scrinshot to display the error)

Wolle Brach (Unknown) 28.06.2015 13:35
Blender Exporter is to Old, must Updated. Blender version is 2.74

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