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Having trouble exporting from Blender to GE

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Created11.06.2015 10:21

Simon Watson (Unknown) 11.06.2015 10:39
Hi, I'm only starting to delve into the world of modding, perhaps I've made some very noob mistake here.

I have initially made a model using google sketchup, I then imported this to blender.
Initially I was using V2.74 but due to the problem I was having, I tried reverting to an earlier version (2.70)
I am using the blender_i3d_export_6.0.2_win from this website.
My problem is that my model is not showing up right in GE, (I've got both 5.5.2 and 6.0.3, but for some reason the exported i3d's only open in 5.5.2, gives me an error in 6.0.2)

Here are images of the different stages. (please note, I purposely have not textured yet, as I had initially done all my texture work then started having this problem, so I have rolled back several steps.)

Original Model in Sketchup -
Model in Blender -
Results in GE -

I hope someone can assist me.

Larry Horse (Larry) 27.09.2015 14:57
In blender hit N. Go to shading,click backface culling,see what normals are inside out, flip them .Better yet don't be importings things from ScetchUp anywhere. At least don't admit to it publicly

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