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Exporter 6.0.2 is for what blender version?

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Created07.07.2015 04:46

Christopher Traugh (Unknown) 07.07.2015 04:48
Hello, I noticed that the Blender Exporter Plugin is v6.0.2 and blender just recently upgraded to 2.75. I'm having a hell of a time finding what version is compatible with each other. Can somebody tell me what they are using? I have tried to go down in blender version to get the exporter to work but I am having no luck.


Christopher Traugh (Unknown) 08.07.2015 13:54
I found out what I was doing wrong. All of the tutorials that I have seen state to go to the Import-Export to turn on the add on, but I found the check box in the Game Engine category. Now it works, hope this will help others.

PS: I have Blender 2.75 installed and using the v6.0.2 Exporter.

I'm just getting into modding so I haven't used it yet, but just getting to the check boxes was a win for me. :)

Brian Fergen (Unknown) 13.07.2015 23:41
How are you able to export fro blender to giants? I've tried several times, following a couple different tutorials, but have been unable to do it. Any tips?

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