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Having a issue with shading from model created with Blender and exported to GE

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Created21.10.2015 20:54

Robert Marriott (robbie) 21.10.2015 21:27
Hello community, I have now started to get involved with making Models with blender, I now think I have the the models side okay, but struggling with shading in GE, I have the Modding for dummies book and have setup my blender start up as illustrated there, I have set up as follows units are metric, shading in the properties region I have enabled GLSL and backface culling, also set the vbo's, and on the material I have moved the specular down to suit the models, and added the texture images to my model with the use of a diffuse map generated by myself with these have been saved as DXT1 as I have been told sometimes alpha can effect textures?. so once my model is ready I export to GE and then add a lamp, when I rotate the lamp I end up with the model having shades appear where they shouldn't be, for example a building if I have sub divided the roof each sub divided area has a reflection of light from the corners instead of whole roof only having one corner of light reflection? so if my roof has three x three sub divided area's on the roof, I will see three bright lines going right through the roof area. I wish I could post some pictures to explain better, I thought it was something I pressed on blender by mistake so I deleted Blender and re-installed and re-setup my start setting again with no avail. I do have a link to the topic on FS-UK where I have posted for help also, which was started by another member who is also having the same problem. I have Maya and maybe need to start learning also how to use this, but have a lot of buildings to do for our new teams map. Any help would be greatfully appreciated and Thanks in advance for reading through my problem with Blender.

here is the link to the topic on FS-UK as this has pictures of the shadows / shading issue I have

Thanks robbie

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 05.11.2015 16:59

the only thing which comes to my mind is that you might have some problems with the normals of your objects.
Please check them.

In the end Maya is the better solution because we do support that somewhat better concerning exportation.


Tommy Sawyer (Neurotek) 07.11.2015 14:26
Hey Robbie.

Sounds like it could be an issue I had a while back when using the new exporter.

You need to apply smoothness to your model.. then use the edge split modifier.

This may well fix the problems you have been getting with odd shading and light after exporting from blender to i3d.

Tommy (neurotek)

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