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Blender 7.0.0 Exporter IK Animations?

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Created16.09.2016 15:54

Samuel H. (modelleicher) 16.09.2016 15:58

I was wondering if the new v7.0.0 Blender Exporter has the ability to export IK/Bone Animations to i3d?
As there is a checkbox for it i tried it out but no luck.. So did i make a mistake or is it not a feature despite the "IK" checkbox on the export settings window?

And if so, are there any plans to implement that in the near future? By now almost every mod needs some sort if IK/Bones animations (hydraulic hoses mostly) as it became sort of a standard.


Bengt Sæther (Nordvarg) 20.09.2016 11:24
Thanks, Modelleicher :)

I was about to ask a very similar question. But then I saw that you beat me to it.

Hopefully Emil or someone else have the time to answer this question (I guess they are all pretty busy now...). To me it seems that quite a lot of people starts modding using Blender. I guess there would be many happy faces if there was a way to export animations from Blender to Giants Editor 7.X.X :)

All the best.

Jorn Hiel (fa285634) 01.11.2016 13:17
yes this function would be nice since some most of the new vehicles have bones in em

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