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Blender export to .i3d fail

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Created01.01.2017 17:03

Piotr Chylinski (Unknown) 01.01.2017 17:08
Hello guys. I'm making a simple bale spike to FS 17. In blender my model looks like this:

After export to .i3d with default settings it looks:

Can someone explain me what I'm doing wrong? I can't even texture it on Giants.

Gerrit Geldenhuys (masepoes) 22.01.2017 18:40
Cannot see pictures in your links

Simon Kotz (Unknown) 27.02.2017 08:30
I have the guess that you accidentally do this
Same picture twice uploaded.
I see no difference in both links.

Andreas Schawo (Unknown) 02.01.2018 17:47
I found Blender Export Plugin is not working properly on relative pathes.

I fixed line 142 of
self._xml_files_item.set( "filename", m_file.image.filepath.replace("//", "", 1) )

Works fine now.
Hope someone fetches this post and will release a fixed version of Blender Exporter.

Kind regards

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