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Created25.10.2010 08:32

Michael Hellmuth (Unknown) 25.10.2010 08:33
Hello There ;)

can you tell me, when you will have the exporter for Blender 2.54 Ready? Because 2.54 is much more easier than 2.4X

Thanks and best regards


Simon Broggi (Unknown) 26.10.2010 10:59
I started to change the exporter to make it work with 2.5, but it's nowwhere near done and I havn't got that much time at the moment. I tried to do it the quick and dirty way, which resulted in very strange behaviour: currently the rotation of the objects is aplied to the blender scene and not to the exported one, so the current version will mess up youre blender scenes... so I doubt you would be happy with the current version ;)
But if someone has some time to look into the python script I would be happy to give him / here the current version. For the moment, if you want to export from blender, just open in 2.49 and export from there.
Greetings, Simon

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