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Created09.03.2017 09:30

David Oldfield (disco429) 09.03.2017 09:32
Hey wondering if we could get a reply on this as to whether it is possible to export rigged meshes to ge or not? and if it is how do we need to set it up in blender to achieve it

Jorn Hiel (fa285634) 12.04.2017 17:40
open the exporter, there is no code in it to export bones , only a note in it that it still needs to be coded. Maya export can grasp bones

Jeffrey Stanyer (milpol) 09.08.2018 04:15
Hello, is there a possibility that bones will be included for export from Blender in the near future. Maya and 3DS Max are way out of my price range and the ability to create skinned dynamic hoses etc would be very beneficial.

Tycoon Spaceman (Tycoonspaceman) 23.11.2018 19:32
never going to happen

Jorn Hiel (fa285634) 27.11.2018 18:46
feel free to add it yoruself, its opensource software :)

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