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current object in exporter?

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Created01.09.2017 11:27

S├ębastien Pellot (flashrules14) 01.09.2017 11:27
HI everyone, I've made my first 3d model and I try to export it in GE, so I know that we can't export animation etc but I ve got a question.
In the attributes panel of the exporter there is a window with the "current object" but when I select an object the current object is still "none" and not my selecting object..
I don't really know why

if you have an idea ,i'm listening to you

P.S: I'm french , sorry for my bad english

S├ębastien Pellot (flashrules14) 01.09.2017 18:04
problem solves I didn't't press "load current"^^,

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