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Created27.11.2010 22:10

Joshua Branson (Unknown) 27.11.2010 22:13
When you convert a model from Google SketchUp, into .dae and then import into Blender and Export as an .i3d file, it opens in Giants Editor as a transform group full of meshes that make up the model. Is there any way that I can make these meshes open as a single mesh that is the whole model?

Markus (Unknown) 28.11.2010 10:08
open .dae in blender
select one part of the object with rightclick
the select all with the borderselect (key B)
now join all objects with join objects (CTRL J)

now its ONE object

to get the right scale you have to open the transform properties (key N)
link scale
the orginal scale is 1.00000
the scale you need is 0.0254

after you chaged all you must apply the changes to the model
press CTRL A followed by key 1

now export to .i3d and open in giants
it will appear in the correct dimensions and as one object

Joshua Branson (Unknown) 28.11.2010 22:48
Thanks. I figured out the scale a while ago myself. This will help heaps!

9Tibi9 04.11.2021 19:56

I have problem by export in blender the dae file to i3d. As soon as I press to export I have got this message: One or more meshes detected without polygons. Know somebody to help? Thank you

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