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Blender exporter 8.0 error

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Created17.02.2019 15:55

Maxence Olivier (Unknown) 17.02.2019 15:55
Hi , i try to reinstall him but not work, pls help me

Adam Bentley (ajbentley18) 23.03.2019 19:45
i am having same error

Sr Williams (srwill2010) 25.03.2019 11:23
Try version fine for me in Blender 2.79B.
Have not tried in 2.80 yet though.
Hope this helps.

Annmarie Bell (Sensei_Annmarie) 03.04.2019 12:07
I used version 7 too worked ok, thanks for tat Sr Williams

Hubert Feculak (Hubert_Fec) 13.06.2020 15:54
Why when I connect the blender ge 7.0.0 plugin, I load it but it doesn't work, but when I connect the 8.0.0 plugin, I can't even turn it on? I am asking for a quick answer.

Marcil 1509 (marcil1509) 16.08.2020 12:10
Hubert Feculak do you have "upgrade to 2.8x required" too? (for version 8)

Victor Niquet (Unknown) 27.08.2020 04:20
me too i have the upgrade to 2.0x required but i just reinstall blender one minute ago, version 2.83.5 i think can someone help me plz

David Zadnik (DzInLa) 21.10.2020 16:13
Check out this video link for how to use the new exporter. Watch both tutorials to better understand the exporter.

Also check out the Vertex Design page for help and a link to the latest version of the exporter.

Works with Blender 2.9

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