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Created14.09.2020 23:37

Raúl Ezequiel (Raul3D) 14.09.2020 23:37
Hi, do you plan to release a plugin to export to I3D with blender 2.90?. Thank.

Onyx Onyx (Unknown) 27.09.2020 12:07
Working with 2.9.1 for me..

Onyx Onyx (Unknown) 27.09.2020 12:20
Working with 2.9.1 for me..

Raúl Ezequiel (Raul3D) 28.09.2020 02:20
I have installed the plugin that you have told me in blender 2.90 and when exporting it it gives an error that the mesh does not have polygons. Do you have any idea?.

David Zadnik (DzInLa) 21.10.2020 16:12
Check out this video link for how to use the new exporter. Watch both tutorials to better understand the exporter.

Also check out the Vertex Design page for help and a link to the latest version of the exporter.

Works with Blender 2.9

Raúl Ezequiel (Raul3D) 29.10.2020 04:59
Thank you!!

Jonas A. L. Andersen (StjerneIdioten) 31.10.2020 14:40
I don't know about the polygon error, but the nld exporter should work with newer versions of blender as well. It worked for 2.83 and in my experience no major change happened to the exporting from 2.83->2.90.

With respect to the "new" exporter, you can always hop unto the VertexDezign discord for "official" support of the that exporter, I also check in here from time to time.

David Zadnik (DzInLa) 01.11.2020 01:07
The new exporter by StjerneIdioten works great.
It even has its own UDIM Picker built in.
The videos by Vertex Design show how to use it.

All meshes you want to export must have a material or you will get a warning message. The error log will help narrow down what needs to be fixed.

Jonas A. L. Andersen (StjerneIdioten) 04.11.2020 00:25
I appreciate the effort dude, but you've already posted that once :-P No need to pester people with the exporter.

Kervin Horst (Unknown) 05.12.2020 05:44
I am unable to enable the addon to export to i3d please help

Martin Gesche (Commander_Bert) 05.12.2020 18:30
which version of Blender do you use, FarmerKervin? Do you use the Steam-Version?
I ask, cause I have the same problem with it

Jonas A. L. Andersen (StjerneIdioten) 15.12.2020 03:13
Hmm, I haven't actually tested the steam-version of blender. So there might be a clash there. I will investigate that.

David Zadnik (DzInLa) 15.12.2020 04:31
I use the Steam version of Blender with good i3d exports using the StjerneIdioten exporter.

Hüseyin Sayar (huseyinsayar) 20.01.2022 12:13
Does the Bilender plugin work with older versions of GE?

Jonas A. L. Andersen (StjerneIdioten) 21.01.2022 22:35
Depends on how old we are talking. Pretty much all of the exporters are tailored to output the newest version of the i3d format (Which is really what decides whether a given version of GE understands it), but you can just try and see what happens ;-)

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