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Created14.11.2020 07:50

Benjamin R Hacker (bhacker62) 14.11.2020 07:50

I have road linework imported into blender. Is there any way to export an i3d out of blender that would then be converted to a spline in giants editor? I would then use the splines and road contructor script to create the roads on my map.


Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 14.11.2020 17:09
You haven't mentioned what type of mesh your road line network is but you can export a nubs curve as an i3d (see i3d export options in Blender) and then edit it as a normal spline in GE.

To export a spline to Blender you will need to convert it to a CSV file (Comma Seperated Variable) and import into Blender using the CSV importer plugin (Blender 2.79) also see TracMax's script Parrallel Spline available here

for a way of converting a spline to a CSV format, remembering to adjust the axis to suit GE ie X(Z) axis Y(X) axis Z(Y) axis -- --GE axis in brackets

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