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Created14.11.2020 07:50

Benjamin R Hacker (bhacker62) 14.11.2020 07:50

I have road linework imported into blender. Is there any way to export an i3d out of blender that would then be converted to a spline in giants editor? I would then use the splines and road contructor script to create the roads on my map.


Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 14.11.2020 17:09
You haven't mentioned what type of mesh your road line network is but you can export a nubs curve as an i3d (see i3d export options in Blender) and then edit it as a normal spline in GE.

To export a spline to Blender you will need to convert it to a CSV file (Comma Seperated Variable) and import into Blender using the CSV importer plugin (Blender 2.79) also see TracMax's script Parrallel Spline available here

LInk no longer available see new post 16.01.2024 for information

for a way of converting a spline to a CSV format, remembering to adjust the axis to suit GE ie X(Z) axis Y(X) axis Z(Y) axis -- --GE axis in brackets

Roman Žák (RomanCZE125) 11.01.2024 22:17

tento odkaz nefunguje, muzete mi dat jiny, dekuji

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 16.01.2024 11:38
The link in my previous post is no longer available
For spline iimformation and tutorials on CSV/Roads/Paint/Height/Pace the following link will help (19 refers to forum position not FS version)

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