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Blender texture mapping scale issue when export to i3d GE

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Created06.03.2021 21:29

Tim Sprinkhuizen (timspr) 06.03.2021 21:29
Dear all,

Have been creating an asphalt ground plane in Blender, which I exported to giant editor.
I had to apply an "mapping" node for scaling the texture in Blender 2.83, as else the square asphalt texture is way to enlarged on the model.
In blender viewport it renders correctly after applying the mapping scale, so it worked there as intended.

When I export this then to giant editor it seems to resizes the texture to the non scaled mapping, thus showing strongly enlarged in GE.
Would someone have an idea if I'm doing something wrong, as apparently in the export it does not take this scaling of the texture to GiantEditor.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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