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Created10.12.2021 07:37

Bobo1994 (bobo1994) 10.12.2021 07:37
Hello Guys,

when i tried to activate the blender Exporter it gives me the Errors below. How can i solve the Problem.

Blender 2.82.7

I know that it should work i worked withe the new version before. The Problem happend after clean windows Install

Thank you

Sigie..... (Sigie) 10.12.2021 19:09
Without guarantee that it really works!

Try with the new versions.
Current Blender version 3.0 -
and I3d Exporter 4.0.0 -

Bobo1994 (bobo1994) 13.12.2021 03:06
thank you works now

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