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Blender exporter 9.0.1 - Problems with shader path

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Created13.12.2021 17:19

Holger Tangemann (Holger1607) 13.12.2021 17:19
this is my normal filepath for the vehicleshader.xml:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Farming Simulator 22\data\shaders

this is what the blender exporter from giants is writing in the xml:
filename="../../../../Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Farming Simulator 22/data/shaders/vehicleShader.xml"

that leads to issues because finally in the Giants Editor the shader will not be found because the interpreted path of the editor is:
C:/Users/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Farming Simulator 22/data/shaders/vehicleShader.xml

Do you have an idea or an updated version without this bug?

Jorn Hiel (fa285634) 20.12.2021 20:42
its not a bug, the path is correct for the binary converter, which is the problem. Just manual change it to $data after or make a python program to do in blender ....

Holger Tangemann (Holger1607) 21.12.2021 16:49
Thank you for your reply. Due to the fact that the converter should convert a Blender file into a i3d file which can be interpreted by the Giants Editor - which the converter actually can't do while the path is not the right one - I define it as a bug. When a program is not doing what is expected then we call it a bug. But nevertheless I already looked at the python files and after my first impression it shouldn't be such a big deal to adjust it. But first I thought it'll be great idea to ask here, in the forum, if somebody else developed already a solution - which is obviously not the case.

Jjnhgfvbnm,mnbv Mnhgvc (valtfendmassey) 13.06.2022 17:11
Were you able to find a solution to share?

Kevin Day (blame582) 24.08.2022 10:46
this has been an issues for awhile but the cause of this is how deep your exporting the file into your file heirachy the exporter only looks 3 folders back for the correct shader path hence its a limitation of the exporter. giants could correct this in there code on an update. hard telling when we could get thou giants is busy with the DLCs

Jjnhgfvbnm,mnbv Mnhgvc (valtfendmassey) 05.09.2022 14:04
For example, Maya's i3d exporter update is done every now and then, while blender never.
I'm also waiting for the update!
There are also other problems, for example the collicion bit mask panel does not appear and the cpu mesh gives problems.
That is, it does not keep the flag as in maya.
GIANTS update as soon as possible!
It really serves.

Jjnhgfvbnm,mnbv Mnhgvc (valtfendmassey) 05.09.2022 14:06
But this gdn is read from time to time by Giants?

Jjnhgfvbnm,mnbv Mnhgvc (valtfendmassey) 05.11.2022 16:45
jetzt kein Update? Wo könnten die Riesen herauskommen?

Jörg Eismann (Garrit) 07.12.2022 00:04
I just bought the modding tutorial today and after 10 minutes I got stuck for hours trying to solve this issue.
Very frustrating to see that this is still an issue after a full year.

David Zadnik (DzInLa) 12.02.2023 18:38
I think I figured out why the textures do not always show up in the Blender Exporter Plugin v9.0.1 export to i3d from Blender.
If your textures are in a folder called "TEXTURES" (for example) within your Blender model folder, the folder you are exporting to (example folder: FS22_MyModName) should have a copy of the folder called "TEXTURES" in it.

Jjnhgfvbnm,mnbv Mnhgvc (valtfendmassey) 13.02.2023 22:56
Could it be clearer?

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