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Created11.05.2022 01:05

David Marceau (davidmarceau2022) 11.05.2022 01:05
My son Spencer would love to see in FS22 :
- a Cat 938K Front Wheel Loader mod
- a Case 621G Front Wheel Loader mod.
- a MetalPless LiveBoxx snow plow attachment mod

Please when it backs up, to have the real sound for the respective wheel loader.
Please when the snow plow scratches/plows, the real screeching sound when it plows.
Please when the plow is lowered to the ground, you hear the plow thunk sound when the plow contacts the ground.

Thank you for listening. You guys are AWESOME!!! FS15, FS17, FS19, FS22 all rock!!!

David Marceau
and son Spencer.

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