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Screenshot in game possible?

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Created30.12.2022 22:57

Max Ingals (Max2002) 30.12.2022 22:57
Maybe I am blind or where is the screenshot key (function)?
F12 not working...

Earl Bush (ProQuasar) 31.12.2022 16:41
Perhaps look for "Print Screen".
You may have it mapped to the function key on your keyboard - you'll have to press Fn and the key assigned to "Print Screen". Then find the default Farming Simulator folder for the screen shots. Should be the same folder that holds the mods, if I remember correctly.

Alternatively, you can use the Pro Shot - available on the ModHub.
You can take some great shots with this tool. It only works for "active" gameplay, so you can't take any screenshots of the menus or PDA/Minimap.

Another option - use GeForce Experience if you have a graphics cards that supports it. You may have to enable it.
Lots of documentation online for that.

Also.... lol, .... XBox Game Bar, which is typically installed on Windows machines. Again, a quick search of the web will show you how to use it.
Or, just search in your windows search (on Windows systems) and you can see the options for it and how to use it.


Matt Phyall (mattphyall) 02.01.2023 02:25
Hello Max Im running windows 11 and its Windows key + Print screen button together.
Screen shots are saved to a folder named screenshots in your picture folder under my documents

Hope this helps!

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