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Created20.12.2014 17:00

Lee Glasser (Unknown) 20.12.2014 17:07
1) Add an option to Giants Editor to save everything in the I3D format instead of dumping the separate .shapes and .anim binary files. The I3D format is much easier to debug and modify than the binary files. Binary should only be used when deploying a mod.

2) A Wiki GDN members can edit would be really nice and porting all current documentation to it would also be helpful. Farming Simulator really needs a one-stop-shop for Farming Simulator mods and a Wiki would facilitate that well (think Valve's developer community).

3) Please publish the vehicle specialization LUA scripts. There's a lot of mods that can't be ported from Farming Simulator 2013 to Farming Simulator 15 because third party scripts are nigh impossible to port without seeing the changes in the Farming Simulator 15 code.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 11.02.2015 14:12

1) I will forward this request ... but can't guarantee anything

2) In the future we might set up a wiki - this is a good idea, but new ;)

3) The specializations will be published in the future.
Probably simultaneously with the new patch.
We can only publish them when we're sure not to change anything anymore.


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