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Kinds of trees in typesetting machine FS15

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Created04.01.2015 13:35

Yannik Zausig (Unknown) 04.01.2015 13:44
Hi there,

I've got a question: The German convering note about the game says, you can change the tree types in the tree setter machine (I'm not sure that this word exists :-)). The garden center has only one thing you can buy:
seedlings. But they are all for fir-trees I think.

If somebody will understand my bad English, please help me!
Thank you

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 11.02.2015 14:10

yes you can plant other types of trees too.
There's already a mod which offers new types of trees.


Yannik Zausig (Unknown) 17.02.2015 18:03
Thank you for your reply, Emil!
Where can I find this mod? On the farming simulator-website?


Raphael Kaswki (Unknown) 19.02.2017 21:49
The file dates and datas2 containing the scripts should be only folders so that the creators of mods have access to scripts and functions, it would be of great help, because it could greatly facilitate the implementation of features, so add as change to have something better or more functional. It's annoying to have to be always search as given function works, and you have everything you need in game installation folder itself, these secrets only harms the moders screens.

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