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Created10.04.2015 21:20

Full Namefgtfsdfdf (Unknown) 10.04.2015 21:23
Hi Giants ! Developers may add to the game v-ray ?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 13.04.2015 08:24

can you please explain what it is, because there are more products which are called V-Ray, I guess ;)


Foit Sergiy (Unknown) 22.04.2015 20:35
V-ray is a visualization system which often found in 3ds max , maya.
I can not export files from 3ds max to giants editor. the problem is that the model is associated with vray . Engine game does not supports .

PS : You are not going to change the game engine seems to me that he was very old I would like to see the game on the engine havok .Spin Tires is a good example of where the physics and graphics at height

Sory for my English!

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 23.04.2015 08:18

no problem, I can understand yourr english very well :)

Well, the render engine in the GIANTS Engine is constantly updated and will be updated in the future too ;)
It might look 'old' as you say because we do not use any post processing. (e.g. depth of field, ...)
But that's gonna change in the future.

I know that Havok presents nice graphics and seems to have a solid and good running physics engine, but we had to implement our very own code (vehicle simulation, wood cutting) and so this is one of the reasons why we've chosen a different solution.

Finally ... to get your vehicles into the game you should stick to the material definitions of the default veicles (also use proper textures) etc ...
Only in this way your vehicles won't look misplaced in the game ;)


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