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Created29.04.2015 19:35

Catfish Steve (Unknown) 29.04.2015 19:37

1. The Problem with lag is Clients receive alot of useless information from the Master/Dedicated Server. A client who is not an admin, does not need that information, please eliminate this information to be sent from the dedicated server to clients. Free up the Dedicated server's Bandwith is the key.

2. Remove the Sync HOLD ON OTHER PLAYERS by simply eliminating the need to sync with so much useless packets in the beginning.

Initiate a Lobby Check in into the Server or Server Connection First to check the files, version with the master dedicated server. I mean look at other games they do this thing called Silent Sync.

We have a top of the Line Server at 10G speeds and are crawling because of this people are leaving this game, there is not much to do after single player....Fix multiplayer

Catfish Steve (Unknown) 29.04.2015 19:49
When a client attempts to connect to the Dedicated Server, it should run a version check file check before Connecting to the Dedicated server that should be all.

Once the check is in place to Pre connection, the client should already have the same files, version. Allow the Sync to be independent. By stopping or holding for sync causes actions and scripting to break and provide substantial memory usage, thus the systemic lag.

D. Ecker (Decker_MMIV) 11.05.2015 20:10
What do you think 'the synchronization' process is doing? - I don't think it is 'files version check', as a client won't be able to join a server, if the hash-values of the mod-ZIPs do not match 100%.

There is actually quite a bit of .GRLE savegame-data that needs to be transmitted to the client, so the client is 'in-sync' with the server's "view of the world" upon joining. - And yes, this 'synchronization' could probably be made better.. as in 'streamed in the background', but then newly joined players will complain about "I can't see any crops.. Oh! Now I can see some square patches of the crops, but not others..."

What is that 'useless information from the Master/Dedicated Server' you are talking about? Have you any examples of it?

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