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Created07.02.2016 00:58

David Nicely (Unknown) 07.02.2016 01:02
Can y'all put horses in FS17 and put it where you can transport cattle and sheep and horses and pigs.I think pigs would do great also.can you also put more American made equipment in it also.can you put more forestry equipment and hay baling equipment too

Pawel Lesniak (Unknown) 14.02.2016 18:31
Hello Giants.
I would to ask do you gonna make new edition of Farming Simulator?
If yes it will be nice that you spend more time on graphical improvement in your engine than a modeling new machines, and maps, modders gonna doo this very well i think you know that.
Im not saying that no one like your models i like them im play with them but 5/6 of machines that i use in game are Mods with custom scripts made by modders downloaded from modinng sites.
Of course i know that you need to put some machines to your game so that the game was not empty and for younger buyers who not know how to put mods for their game.
I mean that it will be nice to see some stuff from Nvidia of their GameWorks for example WaveWorks or that majestic Smoke.
Or More graphic options like MotionBlur, PostFX, Ambient Oclusion, GodRays i think you gonna know what i mean.
Make a interacted terrain like in Spint Tires or War Thunder this will be very nice we are playing heavy machinery and sometimes this game looks like some cartoon for child.
I know not everything is possible in Giants Engine.
I know not everyone got super high speed PC but they are options which can be turned off.
Give yourself some time we dont need new version of farming Simulator every year or two like other games.

I know my english is not good but i think you gonna understand what im talking about and im waiting for your reply.
Regards Pawel

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 15.02.2016 08:33

yes, we are working on a new version of Farming Simulator.

Thank you both very much for all your inputs.

Well, we are planning a lot of improvements for the upcoming game, also in terms of graphics.
But I can't name any details here ;)


Pawel Lesniak (Unknown) 15.02.2016 10:39
that answer is enough for me. :)
And also one thing, now im using a interactive placement to place my trees on map it will be nice to add some scale wariety to it like a rotarion got.

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