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Created05.04.2016 16:45

Reef (Unknown) 05.04.2016 16:46
Native support for TrackIR both as a hotfix/patch for FS15 and integrated from launch of FS17.

Please we have the hardware, please let us use it.


Emil Drefers (Unknown) 06.04.2016 06:50

thanks a lot for the suggeestion.

For FS15 it probably won't happen, but I'll forward the request and we'll see what we can do for FS17.


Reef (Unknown) 06.04.2016 13:02
Thanks Emil, here's hoping :)

Reef (Unknown) 16.10.2016 11:39
I'd just like to say,

I don't know if the implementation of TrackIR in the coming FS17 was due to my request here but either way I'd still like to say a big thank you for adding it.

Looking forward to the new game. :)


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