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Created06.04.2016 14:09

N0tr3ady (n0tr3adY) 06.04.2016 14:14

Few ideas for improve, and made lot easier the map editors work (too).

- feature to export implented scripts,moddesc, sounds, etc too

- a simple way to start our edited map instead of zipping, copying, launching game,etc. (atm i'm using a simple batch file to do this until game starts..)

- command line support : to connect a specific ip, load a specific savegame, or map.

And probably extend the 8 paint texture limit.


Emil Drefers (Unknown) 07.04.2016 07:49

thanks for the suggestions.

What do you mean exactlly with the first item?

The second item sounds reasonable to me.

I guess your third suggestion is rather for the game itself and not the editor, right?


N0tr3ady (n0tr3adY) 07.04.2016 09:51

Let me explain it.

For the first idea : there are lot of scripts for map editing - mostly from Marhu. When selecting Export all function, i have to copy all that directories one-by-one, because GE only copies the textures used by the imported i3d file. It leaves the .lua, .xml, sounds and all other textures used by map script. So.. Here is my idea : If using Export all function, it opens another window, where the implemented scripts listed (via moddesc.xml). If the script choosed, it copies the whole directory.

For the second idea:
Starting of the edited map / created mod takes lot of time atm. Zipping, copying, starting the game, skip the intro video, clicking few times, wait for load...Mods make this game better, and i think there is a way to make modders life easier.
Atm GE doesn't make difference in map editing or vehicle editing. Probably a little attribute in i3d can solve this problem, ex. setEditingType = map / vehicle. If using setEditingType=vehicle - for testing springs, joint forces etc, there is no need to load a 300-500 mb map size with tons of textures. A little (30-50mb size) map can do this. One or two tree, few triggers, a little field should be enough. And it spares time.
And for maps : with automatic zipping, copying and loading edited map without clicking there and there and there and.. You know what i mean :)

And for the third idea : yes, you have right, its for the game. But the connect to specified ip not really the best option - if a mod missing ;)


Emil Drefers (Unknown) 08.04.2016 07:06

the mentioned suggestions are comprehensible.

Just wanna reply to the problem of restarting the game when creating a vehicle mod, because that's not neccessary.

- changes to the xml of a vehicle only require you to buy it again (selling it before might be a good idea to avoid confusion)

- changes to the i3d require you to sell all vehicles of that type and use the command gsCleanI3DCache

- only changes to scripts require you to restart the game

- you don't need to zip the mod every time you've changed something
A .zip is only needed for MP


N0tr3ady (n0tr3adY) 08.04.2016 09:51

Never known this feature :) Thanks for info!


N0tr3ady (n0tr3adY) 01.07.2016 08:39

Don't want to open another topic for this.
Is there any chance that FS17 will support buyable non-square field shapes?

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