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Created22.05.2016 10:27

Marcel Schmidt (dresser98) 22.05.2016 10:44
Hey Guys,

I started to ask myself why my framerate isn´t that good. My system bought november 2015 should handle FS easily.

First I started the ingame benachmark and the result blow my mind. I mean a Xeon E3v1231 v3 combined with a Sapphire R9 390 Nitro doesn´t go beyond 85 frames in average?


I mean in Battlefield for example I still got ~130 frames in average. Im not that AMD fanboy but I think they should support a bit more, because they do everthing for it like open source they codes.

I still hope that FS17 aren´t that Nvidia based game, because it would be better for casuals that don´t know anything about these things and just want to play FS smoothly.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 23.05.2016 07:21

you can try two things to improve the performance

1) start the game in directX mode:
attribute of "renderer" in "game.xml"

2) force your gpu to run in full power mode
This may sound a bit weird, but it should give you a better framerate ... for the cost of a higher current consumption.


Marcel Schmidt (dresser98) 03.06.2016 22:45

thank you! Now there is a way better but not that good framerate at all. I wish you can add an option to change that directly ingame. This post is listed under "Feature Requests" so maybe you think about it and give as a better support. Im very hopefully that FS17 give as better performance at all and better support for AMD Cards with DirectX.

Thank you very much!

Best Regards,

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 07.06.2016 07:35

good to hear that you could imrove the performance.
I'll forward your request, but I can't make any promises.


Marcel Schmidt (dresser98) 23.07.2016 21:33

Today I heard about FS17 uses DirectX and I was god damn happy about it. You guys are awesome! I followed every news today and I was really surprised about the features. The best one of course is that I can play FS17 very smoothly with my setup with DirectX. (Just a guess, but I think I can´t be as bad as OpenGL)

Thanks a lot. I know that DirectX was requird by lots of players in this community and everyone should be happy about that.

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