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Created15.07.2016 21:20

Kamil Patryk (CML99) 15.07.2016 21:20
Just wanna ask if there are any possibilities on getting a custom settings along low, medium, high and very high profiles in the graphics options. What I mean is a tab where the player can choose whether to enable or disable some of the features like shadows, mirrors, normal maps, etc. I do understand that you want your game to be playable on low-end PCs, but for example one person can have a PC which can't handle mirrors and the likes so the low profile is good for it, but the other guy may own a bit better one on which the mirror feature doesn't lag at all, but he can't play with them unless he switches to high profile which keeps dropping a lot of FPS. Not sure if you get me though. I just hate when a game is good, but the graphic options are limited to general settings, I prefer setting up all the features how I want them to be set. I don't mean a really advanced options (like shadow detail or something) if it's not an easy job on inplementing it, but simple booleans just to enable/disable would be enough. That'd make the game even better and more enjoyable for people like me - with medium PCs.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 18.07.2016 07:49

FS17 will have more settings available in the menu.


Raphael Kaswki (Unknown) 19.02.2017 21:34
More options = better game.

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