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Created26.11.2016 13:02

William Burns (51stHD) 26.11.2016 13:12
While watching the official Holmer video on their Terra Variant 600, I spotted that they also use the beet tank for chaff

See here from 2.13 - 2.33 in the clip

So I figured that would be a reasonable idea for a feature request as it is certainly authentic and would make the Terra Variant even more useful...

I could certainly always see a use for a chaff chaser bin, but prefer something authentic, which this would be

Thanks for even considering this idea

William Burns (51stHD) 03.12.2016 15:27
I wouldn't be so sure about that, I think you will find they are very busy making sure the base program and it's editor are as bug free as possible

They are still releasing mods and updating the mods they have released, including this mod I make the "feature request" for, which is why I asked them, rather than do this relatively simple edit myself

From what I've seen of Giants so far they are very good on support, but then I'm of the "Baby boomer" generation not the "Me I want it now" crowd we have these days, so maybe I'm too easily satisfied

Anyhow, even if they were taking a well earned break and actually enjoying their latest edition of Farming Simulator like everyone else is, would that be so bad?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 21.12.2016 15:35

your request is reasonable.
If I remeber correctly we had added "chaff" to the fillTypes in a very first (non public) version of that tool.
But we had to remove it, because the sugarBeet tank has rather big holes in its grid.
So chaff would fall out.
You need a different or at least a modified tool to transport chaff.


William Burns (51stHD) 21.12.2016 18:11

Interesting, this is what I did a while ago for my own installation, ie., added "chaff" to the filltypes and it works perfectly well, at least I happy with it

I just thought it would be good to have it in the official mod as apart from it being as real as it gets by being in Holmer's own video, I get flagged up for an update every time I look at the mod section in FS17, easy fixed if I change the name of the mod...

"But we had to remove it, because the sugarBeet tank has rather big holes in its grid. So chaff would fall out"

I have to say I never experienced this, or found it a visual problem in anyway, I actually like the extra functionality, in SP I drive the Holmer, put the harvester on helper and the tractors/trucks on courseplay, plus given that it is indeed authentic, I will be keeping it :)

Thanks for your reply anyway

William Burns (51stHD) 22.12.2016 00:27
I happened to notice since I replied that the wheel loader buck rake, which handles chaff, has much larger holes in it than the beet tank of the Terra

So I think that balances out the idea that chaff would spill from the beet tank, which it doesn't anyhow...I'm assuming you were speaking from an aesthetic point of view?

Just an observation :)

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