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Created16.08.2017 08:24

Michel Dorge (Unknown) 16.08.2017 08:24

I see there is a parameter in the settings of the game to modify the input device sensitivity
=> g_gameSettings:getValue("vehicleArmSensitivity")

I think it would be "fair" to add another setting for the mouse too, because, some mouses are really faster than other in the game


Emil Drefers (Unknown) 17.08.2017 06:49

in the main menu you can go to "options" -> "controls" and there you can adjust a setting for the mouse.
Doesn't it do what you expect it to do?
(Well currently it allows only values > 100%, so we need to adjust the range, but the inputBindings.xml allows you to set smaller values)


Michel Dorge (Unknown) 08.09.2017 16:12
Hi Emil,

sorry for the late answer. I only see your answer today. I think we also need some automatic system to send an email when there is an answer to our topic

so, anyway : yes, it would be better to handle "slow" factor too. In my case, I know some logitech mouse are really quicker in game than other (current logitech = M318e. But logitech m100 or M90 or B110 = ok)


Bob Heitzman (Unknown) 10.05.2020 20:58
Have you tried slowing down the mouse at the Windows level?

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