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Created13.12.2018 14:16

Toni Flückiger (toniflueckiger) 13.12.2018 14:16
Hi Giants,

If accessing the API of a gameserver, the coordinates there are in a 4 field coordinates system (- 1000 / -1000 to 1000 / 1000).
For game communities which wants to implement the map with its objects (vehicles) on a website, thats actually very complicated.
To place html objects on an image, its needed to have a 1 field coordinate system (0 / 0 to 100 / 100).

It would be nice if you could create a parameter for the api, which lets us change the coordinate system so we get the values in a 1 field coordinate system.

Thanks for looking into that wish,
Best regards,

Toni Flückiger (toniflueckiger) 14.12.2018 14:57

This thread can be closed since i found the html templates you are providing. There is an example how to use the coordinates with the map :)

The only missing thing is --> Force your hosting providers to enable SSL/https for the web interface. If they don't do like G-Portal, then the most of us will never be able to implement the templates. Most of our websites are running on ssl/https, then you can't load resources from non ssl locations (Browsers are blocking mixed content).

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