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Grass forage in landscaping mode

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Created09.01.2019 21:59

James Biddulph (Unknown) 09.01.2019 21:59
Would it be possible to include grass foliage in the landscaping mode so when you have painted an area with a grass texture you can add the ability to add growable grass to it, I realise that other foliage like wheat barley and such would be a cheat but the possibility to add growing grass to a painted grass texture would I feel add to the realism of the game, to have grass that NEVER grows is not realistic to me, even if you only allow it to be painted onto a grass texture and not over a plowed/cultivated or any existing field area. This would be great if it is possible. Sorry for the error in the header I meant foliage not forage.

Jos Kuijpers (Unknown) 10.01.2019 10:36
We're looking into it

James Biddulph (Unknown) 10.01.2019 22:35
Great stuff thanks

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