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Created26.01.2011 22:44

Frederik Jørgensen (Unknown) 26.01.2011 22:46
Or you could call it


Giants Software's Dedicated Server System..

I think its needed for Farming Simulator ;)

Many are using it in multiplayer but peopels dont have good enough pc's to make it :)

I dunno if this is something you are working on but serious you should think about it ;)

Ask me if you want some ideas what you could add :P

Then i will create some stuff and post it here with some ideas ;)

Torsten Pfau (Unknown) 27.01.2011 11:33
Hello, now i want this: please think about how to set the "synchronize" text and waiting time to "backgraund" so that it doesent appear on screen!? You work and do and always you want to be happy a few seconds because you have fun in game... sync., or just a button for the host: game closed.

Dirk Buck (Unknown) 05.02.2011 03:04
a dedicated Server was a great feature for the multiplayer.
I thing it need not a big system. Only somthing like an router.

One Player connect to the D.S. and start a Game. The D.S. connects to the lobby and sends the game informations. Then other player connect to the game(the dedicated Server) the Server control the communications between the clients and the host, so the needed upload bandwith from the host (starter of the game) are only for the communication to the server.

the server could an dedicated System for rent, most of so called clans have one.

the most benefit of where that the game can run overnight and it could help save some bandwith.


Frederik Jørgensen (Unknown) 07.04.2011 19:54

It should run like a program with a cfg.txt file to steer it..

then u chooce port and ip (will be unless you want to broadcast your host to another ip)

host name

max players

(maybe create a new master server called dedicated servers)
Master server

etc etc. :)

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