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Older tractors? ( IH 1206, or 66 series)

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Created21.03.2020 15:02

Cameron Hoekstra (l0ad1ng) 21.03.2020 15:02
Just being curious but why hasn't anybody made a older tractor mod such as a International 1206, JI Case 70 series, or even a John deer 4020 for the mod hub that could potentially go to console they have the old Ferguson, and the IH 33 series but that's about it for more older american styled tractors (I know that the 33 series isn't really american)

I know you can get some of these mods from different sites, but some of them lag the game significantly or have issues.

Pekka Hietala (pekka22) 03.07.2020 16:04
i would like a international 56- series 856

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