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Created30.11.2021 14:33

Alex Krieg (AlexKrieg) 30.11.2021 14:33
(reupload, I think the first time I poasted this, it didn't work)

Hi there

I would like to see some more statistics charts:
1) Financial overview:
There is a Tab where we can se the montly income and spending split up in the different categories.
Thats great but if I try to find out how my farm perfoms over a long time period, only the money balance shows me how its going.
I would like to se a chart which gives a overview over the financial history. At least for balance, income and spending.
Additionaly if this chart would be split up in to the different categories, it would be easier to se how we can optimize the farm.
This charts can be on the same tab as the tableview of the farms financial tab.

2) Price indicator improvements (candlestickview):
The Idea of price-change over the year is great and makes sense, but Im wondering why there is no price provided on the candle chart.
Therefore it's not possible to know the change in percent, which in my opinion is importend to know for the decision if i shuld hold my gods or
or sell it now. Is it worth to wait a half year or is the percentage so low, that it doesen't mater?

Im not shure why there aren't any numbers given to this chart but I think it's because of the unknown real future price which makes sense.
But if this chart shuld show a average year price change, then the pricevalues shuld be placed there.

Idea for improfement:
- Adding the average prices for the candle chart, because the chart is generated based on those prices too.
Yes they may be constant over all years but thats fine,
the point for this chart is to show how the price can possibly go up or down during different months in the year.
A reference falue on this chart can help to compare the trend with the current price.

3) Current and past price movements:
The player can influence the price by e.g. overselling a product. That makes sense. But how does the user know if the marked is oversold?
Of corse the price will drop but how do you know if the price droped from an average price to a outstanding low?
You have to know some reference Prices. It would be nice if we would have a history chart of the prices for each product.
The current implemented candle view doesen't represent the real price. It only indicates the possible trend.
The real movement would be much more interesting.
I would like to see how my selling effects the price to decide what products can be sold in huge quantities and which products i have to change to
multiple different products to not effect the price so much. I hope thats understandable.

Idea for improvement:
- Adding a history price chart which represent the average market price on the historical and current price of a product.
All neded data is available in the game already, the only thing which it needs is the aditional storage of historical data,
but thats not a problem in my opinion. ;)

- Additionaly a chart for indicating the traded volume in liters would be nice too. This chart includes the random market fluctuations.
This would indicate how much influence has the one player compared to the whole market.
A setting to change the influence of a market would then be great too. This would change something on the difficulty of the game:
Large influence: Price will drop faster because our farm is a relativly large player on the global market.
Low influence: Price will drop slowly bcause our farm is a relativly low player on the global market.

The farming simulator is all about farming but what is farming without a market?
I think the global market is very importand to such a game and there fore needs a little bit more treatment in development.
There may be more possibilities to improve the market but with the current system it shuld be easy to implement my 3 points to the game because it doesen't change much on the market system. (exept for the influence parameter menshond in point 3)
I realy hope this poast gets viewed by a developer and I would like to see such features in the future.

Thank you for reading the whole poast and have a nice day

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