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Created11.01.2022 02:36

Mason Beaman (Sinic) 11.01.2022 02:36
It would be nice if we could have the option of switching to dark mode or light mode in preferences of the Giant's Editor. For thoes who enjoy darker screens and applications such as my self.

Marvin Bock (Clearity) 16.04.2022 21:30
Thumb up for this request, this is a absolute standard feature which is still missing.. Please giants implement this into the giants editor.

Iron_Thunder 18.04.2022 11:44
Yup this would be cool.

Niklas Kless (niklasxD) 29.06.2022 15:55
yes please.

Jan Kowalski (Ziuta2010) 09.08.2022 20:37
I wrote to one of the Giants once and he replied that it was not possible to add a dark theme because it would require creating the entire Giants Editor UI from scratch. It is feasible, but not worth the effort.

Max Ingals (Max2002) 30.12.2022 22:53
Dark would be better :-)

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